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General Site and Subscription Information

What is this website? is a subscription service that provides complete information on upcoming dog events; stores the information you need to enter an event; prints completed, official entry forms; and offers “Entry by Agent” and “AKC Online Entries.”


What do I need to do to use the site?

You must subscribe to in order to use the site. The subscription fee is $10 per year.  Currently, we are offering a free 6-month trial period for new users.


How do I sign up?

Click the Subscribe link in the top right corner of our website and fill out the New Subscription information form. The name, address and contact information entered here will appear in the Owner section of the entry form. Each dog owner must have his/her own account so that the owner is correct on the entry form. You will also need to enter your dogs’ information before you can enter an event or fill out an entry form.



Personalizing My Site

How do I change my information?

Click on My Profile and make the changes.  Click Save.


What do you do with my personal information? uses the information you enter to fill out completed entry forms and process credit cards. We do not otherwise give or sell your information to outside parties. Please see our Privacy Policy for further information.


How do I add or change my dog’s information?

Click on the My Dogs link to view, edit or add dogs. You will see all the dogs you have added, organized by Active and Inactive status.  All required information must be completed to enter an event with that dog.  You may also permanently remove a dog from your list by clicking the Remove option.


Why are some of my dogs not listed on the event entry page?

Only dogs eligible to enter an event are shown. Dogs must be the correct age to enter the event and must have all the required information entered.  Only dogs with active status are shown on the entry page.


Where do I see the events that I’ve entered?

Click on My Entries to see the events you have entered. From here, you can review your entries, see the information for the event, or view/print your dogs’ entry forms.  You can also change your entry from this page. Entry forms created through My Blank Forms are not stored on


What events are listed on My Local Events?

The events listed are upcoming events within the mileage radius set as your default. Only events that have not closed are shown.  You may modify the distance by choosing a new distance and clicking the "Set as default distance" button.


What events are listed on My Favorites?

The events listed are upcoming events for the sites and clubs you have set under My Clubs/Sites. Only events that have not closed are shown.  You may modify these events by clicking My Clubs/Sites.


What is My Clubs/Sites?

My Clubs/Sites allows you to customize the events shown on your My Favorites page. You can choose your favorite sites and clubs. All events for those sites/clubs will appear on your My Favorites page. In addition, if you choose, will send you email notifications prior to these events opening and closing.  At any time, you can edit these notifications or turn them off.


What is My Blank Forms?

My Blank Forms allows you to create and print completed entry forms for any AKC event. The information stored in My Profile and My Dogs will be automatically entered in the form. Event information such as club name, site, total entry fees due and classes may be added using the fill-in boxes. These entry forms are not stored on To change any entry that used an entry form created in My Blank Forms, you must contact the event secretary.

How much does it cost to subscribe?

Subscription is $10 per year. If you enter an event using “Entry by Agent” or “Online Entries,” there is an additional 5% credit card service fee based on your entry fees. This service fee is non-refundable if you cancel or change your entry for the event.



Entering Trials and Types of Entries

How do I find events?

Upcoming events for your region are shown on your My Local Events page. Upcoming events for your favorite clubs and sites are shown on your My Favorites page. You can also search for events using one of our Search features -- either enter part of the club name or site name, select a state, or select a distance from your home address, and all events matching the criteria will be shown. You can also set up email notifications on the My Clubs/Sites page so that you can know when an event is about to open or close.


How do I enter an event?

Once you have entered your dog’s information, you are set to enter an event. Lists of events are shown on My Local Events, My Favorites and the search result page. Clicking the "i" icon to the right of an event will display all the information you need about the event. If you decide to enter, click the Create Entry link and select the dogs, days and classes you want to enter. You then choose whether to print and sign your completed entry form and mail the form and payment yourself, enter the event through our “Entry By Agent” service and pay by credit card, or if offered, enter an AKC agility trial through “Online Entries” and pay by credit card. (For more information, see descriptions below.)


What is “Print and Mail”? will create an official entry form for the event based on the dogs, days and classes you have selected. You must print the form, sign it and send it with payment to the event secretary.

What is “Entry By Agent”? can complete your entry as your agent. Simply put, you fill out your entry and pay by credit card. We then print and sign your completed entry form and send it (First class mail) with our payment to the event secretary. If the event has not yet opened, we will mail the entry with the intent of having it arrive as close to opening day as possible, without arriving before then. This method provides you the convenience of paying by credit card for events that do not accept credit card payments or “Online Entries.”  “Entry By Agent” entries are accepted only until 6 pm 3 business days prior to the event closing date. “Entry By Agent” entries for events in Alaska or Hawaii are accepted only until 6 pm one week prior to the event closing date.  Credit card transactions are subject to a 5% service fee.


What are “Online Entries”?

The AKC has defined a specific online entry method for use with AKC agility trials called “Online Entries.”  For complete details please visit the AKC at  Accepting entries online is optional for the club and must be determined prior to the trial’s opening date. Only one online entry provider is allowed and that provider is published in the event’s premium list. Entries taken online are considered to be accepted immediately into the trial at the time the entry and payment have been processed by the online entry provider. Trials accepting online entries must limit how many runs can be accepted by this method; this limit may be changed by the trial secretary at any time after 48 hours after opening, if desired.


While offers two methods to enter an event online, only trials offering “Online Entries” allow you to be entered in the trial as soon as you complete the entry process on the website.  With an “Entry by Agent,” you are not accepted into the trial until the trial secretary receives your entry form and payment.


When can I enter a trial with "Online Entries"?

You cannot enter a trial until the opening date and time. For trials offering "Online Entries", that entry method option will be available as soon as the trial opens. Before the trial opens, you can create the entry as "Print and Mail" and save it.  When the trial opens, go to My Entries, Change entry, then Change entry or entry method, and change the entry to an "Online Entry" to enter instantly.


What if I do not get in all runs with an "Online Entry"?

The number of runs accepted by "Online Entries" is limited. This limit can be changed by the event secretary any time 48 hours after the trial opens. Runs may also become available as dogs are withdrawn from the trial. If you do not get in all runs online, you can:

  • Enter the other runs using My Blank Forms
  • Enter the other runs using "Online Entries" if and when more runs become available
  • Enter the trial by "Print and Mail"

Your dogs are entered into the trial in the order shown on the entry screen.  If you want a specific dog to be entered in the trial, you can uncheck the other dogs entries to get the preferred dog in first. 


How are entry fees determined?

Entry fees are set by the hosting club and can be found on the Trial Summary page for each event. Our website can accomodate up to 5 fees per day. Package fees cannot be calculated. If a trial uses a package fee, the entry fees calculated will be incorrect. charges a 5% non-refundable service fee, based on the total entry fees due, for our Entry by Agent and Online Entry services.


How do I sign an entry if I pay by credit card?

If you enter through our “Entry By Agent” service, we sign the entry form as your authorized agent.  If you enter using “Online Entries,” you will electronically sign your entry.


Does store my credit card information?

No, does not store credit card information after processing.  Please see our Privacy Policy for additional information.

How do I change my entry?

How you change your entry depends on how you entered the event.

  • “Print and Mail” – If you have not mailed your entry, you can go to My Entries and click Review entry details for the event. Then click Change entries, make the changes and click Confirm. Then print your new entry form and mail. If you have already sent your entry, you must contact the event secretary to change it.
  • “Entry By Agent” – You must contact the event secretary to change your entry.
  • “Online Entries” – Go to My Entries and click Change entry for the event. Click Change entry or entry method, make the changes and click Save. If there is a difference in fees owed, your credit card will be charged or refunded the appropriate amount.  Credit card service fees are not refundable. will notify the event secretary that your entry has been changed. NOTE: Entries cannot be changed after closing.

 How do I cancel an entry for an event?

If you entered an event with “Online Entries,” you can cancel your entry through our website until the event closes. You will receive a refund check or your credit card will be refunded for the amount charged, less the credit card service fee, within 5 business days. If you entered by “Entry by Agent,” you must contact the event secretary to pull your entry and receive a refund; will have sent your entry information and fees to the event secretary as soon as your entry was processed. Credit card service fees will not be refunded. If you entered by “Print and Mail,” you must contact the event secretary to pull your entry and receive a refund, since you have sent your entry and fees to the event secretary. 


How do I print my entry form?

Immediately after completing an entry, you will have the option to print your completed entry form. At any other time, you can print the entry form by going to My Entries and clicking View Printable Entry Form.


Can I print blank entry forms?

You can print entry forms for all AKC events pre-filled with your information and your dog's information under My Blank Forms.  Just choose an entry form type, choose the dog, and fill in the club name, event date, fees due, and all entry information for the event you wish to enter.  


Can I enter someone else’s dog?

You can only enter dogs that you own and are included in your My Dogs list. If a dog is already in our database under a co-owner, you will not be able to put that dog on your list.  We may add this option in the future. Please Contact Us if you are interested in this service.  If you now own a dog that was added to our website by the previous owner, please Contact Us and we will transfer the dog to your account.


Why doesn’t the agility entry screen show all jump heights?

The entry page will show only the jump heights your dog is eligible to enter based on the height entered under My Dogs.



Trial Information

How do I get the premium list?

The Trial Summary page in My Events has a link to the premium list if we are able to locate it. It also has links to the club and secretary websites, if they exist. You should be able to download the premium list from one of these sites.


Will I receive an email confirmation from the trial secretary?

Each event secretary handles email confirmations according to individual policy. Please check the premium list to determine the secretary's policy.


What if I need to do a move-up after I have entered a trial?

You must contact the the event secretary for move-ups.


How do I contact the event secretary?

The Trial Summary page, opened with the “i” icon, lists the event secretary’s address. In addition, the secretary’s email address is linked to her name and there will be a link to the secretary’s website, if available.


Where do you get the information on the website?

Information on upcoming events is taken from the calendars of the various organizations on a weekly basis.  If there is a discrepancy in information, we will attempt to call that to your attention in a Notes box on the Trial Summary page. Links to the actual AKC Event page are provided on the Trial Summary page.  Because we rely on other organizations for event information, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information.


What if I find an error in the trial information on your site?

Please Contact Us immediately if you discover an error on our website. The error will be corrected promptly.



Other Information

I cannot download the PDF files from your site.  Any suggestions?

Try deleting your temporary files.   Internet Explorer:  Tools - Internet Options - General - Delete Files.


The entry form is cut off when I print.  How do I fix that?

The entry form is a pdf document. Go to File - Print and open the Print Dialog box.  Under Page Scaling, choose Shrink to Printable Area.