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Secretary Info is a subscription service that provides information about upcoming dog events. We include as much information as we can in order to make entering events convenient for our subscribers.  The information we provide includes

  • Club's website
  • Secretary's contact information, email address and website
  • Trial site information and website
  • Google Maps link to trial site
  • Classes offered and judging assignment
  • Fees
  • Opening and closing dates
  • Limits
  • Link to premium list, if available
  • Special notes about the trial from the premium list

We provide website links for both the club and secretary (when available), so that the exhibitor can check out the club’s other events and access the current premium lists.

Each exhibitor’s home page – the My Local Events page – shows upcoming trials for their region. In addition, the exhibitor's My Favorites page shows upcoming events for their favorite clubs and event sites. The My Clubs/Sites page allows a subscriber to choose these events, as well as receive emails automatically about upcoming opening and closing dates.  Plus, subscribers can search for events in our database using your club name, the trial site, the state or the date.  Or they can find all events in their area by using our search by miles feature. Your club’s trials will automatically appear in the list for any exhibitor in your area.

When a subscriber decides to enter an event, our site automatically prints official entry forms, completely filled-in and easy to read. We also offer exhibitors the option of entering through our site with our Entry By Agent option, providing the convenience of paying by credit card in cases where online entries are not accepted. And we offer Online Entries, following the AKC’s procedure, for AKC agility trials.

Any secretary for an upcoming event can use our Online Entry service without charge.  The secretary's home page has all the same features as a regular subscriber, but also lists the events for which she is acting as secretary.  For AKC agility trials offering Online Entry, the secretary's page lists the entries received and has links for downloading the entry information and printing the entry forms.  Once the trial has closed, Lab Tested Online LLC will mail a check for the total online entry fees to the trial secretary within 3 business days.

Our online entry system is easy to use as a secretary. Online entries are organized into groups -- all new or changed entries appear on your New page, all entries that you have entered into your program are on your Downloaded page, and pulled entries are on the Pulled page.   Each dog's entry is on one entry form with all trials shown.  And for the exhibitors, our site is has the lowest service fees -- one-third to one-half the fees charged by the AKC.

Secretary Home Page New Entries Page Downloaded Entries Page



Advantages to Club
  • Complete, accurate information on
    upcoming events available in one location
  • Link to club's website
  • Link to event site's website with map
  • Automatic listing of your event in exhibitor's search
  • Fewer checks to process / deposit
  • Fully insured and bonded
Advantages to Secretary
  • Complete, accurate information on your event
  • Link to secretary's website
  • Legible entry forms, appropriately filled out for your event with the classes offered
  • Option to offer AKC Online Entries for agility trials








We want to include as much information as we can about the club and event secretary in the information provided to our subscribers.  We are here not only to help our subscribers enter trials, but to help the clubs and secretaries get as many entries as possible as well.